Chispas With El Pardino

"Conjunto music is and was a major part of my life. Im not a musician; I can make musicians."

Toys From Mars

These Toys Are Not Your Everyday G.I.Joe Or Barbie. These Toys Are Literally From Out Of This World!

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Joe L. López, José Esquivel, Deborah Kuetzpalin Vásquez, Xavier Garza, and Luis "Chispas" Guerrero

Chispas Welding

Making Metal Come To Life Caused Sparks To Luminate

El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra Might Be Myth To Some Yet El Chupacabra Can Be Found Prawling Thought Ay Chispas Garage!
Available For Purchase

Available For Purchase

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New At Ay Chispas

New At Ay Chispas

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About Ay Chispas!

About Ay Chispas!

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"Art comes in many forms. Who would have thought diesel engine parts and junk yard scrap could actually be transformed into incredible pieces of sculptured metal art. Luis Guerrero at Ay Chispas has the astounding ability to turn junk into a creative masterpiece. From a crank shaft to a muffler this is where they come to life "
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Most Ay Chispas Metal Artwork are a part of many Private Collections.
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