Luis “Chispas” Guerrero

Chispas hanging out with Buster.

San Antonio metal artist, Luis Guerrero has taken the mysticism and rich history of the Mexican-American community and transformed it into metal artwork that can be seen though out the Alamo City.


Stationed south of town, where artists and writers flock to their traditional studios and lofts, Luis Guerrero’s art has inspired many alongside some of the city’s most profound Chicano Barrio artists.


Luis Guerrero –also known as, El Chup or Chispas!- is a San Antonio, Texas born and raised native who has a unique understanding of the Mexican-American community and a talent to breath life into scrap metal, transforming thoughts, myths and memories into original art sculptures.


Metalworking runs in Chispas’ blood. As a young child, he was so enchanted by the sparks that shimmered in the night as his grandfather put fire to and grind on metal -hence the name, “Ay Chispas!” for his studio, which means, “ouch, sparks” in Spanish-.


In 1996, Chispas converted his 13-years of welding experience into a metal art form. Chispas is able to fuse and transform pieces of metal, diesel-engine parts and junkyard scraps into symbolic, meaningful sculptures that truly capture the evolving, Mexican-American culture, its ongoing struggle, present day myths and musical legends.


As do most chicano artist nation wide, Chispas Artwork  represents the struggle of being accepted into the anglo-dominated society of the United States, while maintaining the cultural sense developed as a Latino-cultured, US-born Mexican child.


Chispas most notable pieces are El Chupacabra (logo), a mythological vampire-like creature, whose legend credits it with terrorizing farm animals in Latin America and South Texas.

Ay Chispas!


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